Saturday, March 30, 2013

35 Day Project: Easter Lily

Yesterday, I had an appointment at my doctor's office.  I often rave about how wonderful my doctor is.  She always listens to my concerns, pays attention to my comfort level regarding treatments, encourages me, supports me.  In short, she is awesome.  But the truth is, every person who works in that office is awesome. I have dealt with them all over the years, and it has been the best health care I have ever received, hands down.

Many times, people going to the doctor are, well, sick.  And when you are in pain or are not feeling well, it is hard to be cheerful, or thankful.  So I know a lot of health care providers go unthanked.  My goal, then, was to make sure the staff at my doctor's office knew how much I appreciated them all.


I wrote a thank you card to them, explaining how much I appreciated the high quality health care and customer service their office always provides.  Then, I purchased and Easter Lily.  When I went to check in for my appointment, I gave the card and the flower to the girl at the desk.  They all were very appreciative, and it was the high spot of my day.