Saturday, March 30, 2013

35 Day Project: More than just a tip!

Today, Hubby and I decided to go out for lunch.  There was a place we had been wanting to try in Butler, so that is where we headed.  We went at just the right time, between the lunch and dinner rushes, so we got a seat immediately.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch, and great service from our waitress.  By the time we were getting ready to leave, the evening rush had started, and there was a crown waiting to be seated.  Our waitress brought us our bill, and we paid it, along with a tip.  But I had come armed with something extra for our waitress.


I had a small bag of really cute purple, black, and silver trinkets (a votive candle holder, charm ornament, pen, and notecards), which I had placed in a purple bag.  I left them at our table, next to our bill.  I clipped a note to the front, stating that this was for our waitress Emily, thanking her for great service, letting her know she was appreciated, and wishing her a beautiful day.

It was, perhaps, the most fun part of our lunch!