Thursday, March 28, 2013

35 Day Project: A Movie on Me

Today's act of kindness required stealth which made it some super sneaky fun!

Hubby and I have plans tonight to spend and evening with some friends of ours, sort of a couples night in.  The guys will play board games, while my friend and I plan on watching Les Miserables.  I offered to get the movie, specifically so I could carry out an act of kindness.  I thought I would just rent the movie from Redbox, and while I was there, I would leave a surprise for the next Redbox user.


I took a dollar (the cost of a Redbox movie), and paper clipped it to an index card.  Then I wrote a little note on the card explaining that the next user should rent a movie on me.  Yes, I know you have to have a credit card to rent a movie, but still, it will cover the cost of their rental.  I also wished the person a great day.

I stopped at a couple of different Redboxes looking for the movie, only to discover that our local Redboxes are not carrying Les Miserables yet, so I ended up buying the movie.  But not before I left my surprise for someone to find!