Saturday, July 30, 2011

Explorations: Clarks' Landing

2011-07-30 11.19.40
One of the hardest things about not being a native to my town is not knowing all the awesome things that used to be here before I moved here.  Which is why I am so excited that Clarks' Landing has opened in Kittanning.  Everyone talks about this great restaurant the used to be in town, called Clarks.  Family restaurant, great prices, good food, whats not to love?  Well, it shut down last year, before I ever got to try it.  So, when I learned that it would be reopening at a new location, with a slightly new name, I was super excited to try it out.

Today, I got the chance.

The first thing we noticed as we walked up was the adorable outdoor seating.  I love the bright colored umbrellas, and the nice view of our town.
2011-07-30 11.59.51
We walk inside, and we are greeted by a bright, friendly interior.  Everything is shiny and new!  I liked the look of the place, very warm and inviting.
2011-07-30 11.12.03

Similarly, the staff were all friendly and helpful.

When we got the menu, I was flabbergasted.
2011-07-30 11.20.01

There were so many different things to choose from.  The menu is so extensive, there is no way someone, even the pickiest of eaters, could not find something to suit their palate.  Everything sounded so delicious.  Hubby settled on a burger, and I ordered my favorite, a buffalo chicken salad.  A restaurant's whole reputation, in my opinion, can be won or lost on their buffalo chicken salad.  When the salad came, I took a deep breath, and prepared to make my determination.

Verdict?  Absolutely the best buffalo chicken salad I have had in months, possibly ever.  I have tried them from so many different places in town, and I am telling you, this one was hands down the best in town.  I ate every bite of it.

Hubby also opted for a piece of pie, which looked delicious, but I was too stuffed to even taste it.  He was very happy with it though.
2011-07-30 11.11.52

We got a copy of their carry out menu (many more buffalo chicken salads in my future I predict), and I can guarantee we will be back.

Clarks' Landing reopened in the midst of a site that is being redeveloped as Kit-Han-Ne Village.  The plans look gorgeous, and I really hope some more businesses move in, I think it will be great for our town.