Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet and Sour Tiffany: Glee

Sweet Sour

While I have a lot of opinions on things, sometimes my feelings are mixed.  So I now present, for those times, the new series "Sweet and Sour Tiffany".

It was about the 6th episode when I discovered Glee.  I was home sick from work, and I caught a clip online.  I immediately watched a bunch of old episodes on Hulu, and by the end of the day I was a full fledged Gleek.  The show could do no wrong for me, until this season.  Now, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the show.  Let's explore, from a Sweet and Sour Tiffany perspective, what I feel to be the best and worst aspects of the show.

The Sweet
In so many ways, I really do love the show.  I commend the fact that they address really difficult issues, like bullying, and bring light to difficult situations, like a teen coming out as gay or lesbian in high school.  I have seen a lot of character development, particularly in the supporting characters.  I love the recent revelation that Santana had, and think it is wonderful that she is being featured more in the singing.  Similarly, Lauren is stealing the show a lot.  She is completely comfortable in who she is, and serves as an important role model for teen viewers who do not look like stick thin Rachel and Quinn.

The music is getting better as well.  More recent music, and a wide variety of genres keep the show fresh.  I like when the music helps support a theme in the storyline, instead of vice versa.  The recent episode dealing with sex, and the episode where Kurt's mom gets married were some of the best of all time, in part due to the music.

And probably the best reason I love the show is I feel like it really celebrates these kids being different.  They are a collection of misfits.  Each struggles with his or her own issues, but together, they provide each other with strength.  I think this gives tremendous hope to kids, and adults, who feel like they will never belong.

The Sour
Unfortunately, it is not all kittens and rainbows with me and this show.  I like a lot of the recent character development, but not all.  I think several characters are duplicitous, and really need to make up their minds who they are.  Finn is much better off as the bumbling sweet football player.  Him stealing people's girlfriends, and being so cocky as to run a kissing booth just does not sit well with me.  And Rachel can't be sweet and earnest one moment, and the snarky and divalicious the next.  I know this makes them seem more realistic, but at some point realism has to be set aside.  If we wanted realism, we would not watch tv.

I also think sometimes the music controls the show too much.  Entire shows built around one artist are boring, particularly when there is no real lesson learned at the end.  When there is no story, and just singing, I tend to skip through the shows.  I recently got Volume 4 of the soundtrack, and I was all, when did they sing THIS, because I had skipped the DVR forward so many times over multiple episodes.

I also think the show is a bit cowardly in the storylines.  Yes, you have a gay character who is featured prominently.  Yet he is never in a relationship.  There have been hints at Kurt and Blaine for some time, but they will not pull the trigger.  Similarly, now that Quinn has given her baby up for adoption, she is up to her old tricks.  Why not show the realism of what a teen mother deals with when she gives up her baby.  Make Quinn struggle a bit more emotionally, rather than having her jump from boy to boy in the quest for prom queen.

I do not think I will stop watching Glee anytime soon, but it is usually several days after it airs that I actually get around to watching it on my DVR.  However, I honestly, and sadly, do not see how much longer the show can go on, unless these kids never graduate from high school.

So that being said, if the Sweet and Sour didn't completely fill you up, move along to the fortune cookie.