Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day in a Small Town

Hubby and I had no real plans to do anything special for Earth Day today.  Instead, we went to the grocery store, then decided to stop at Subway for lunch.  As we approached the counter to order, we saw this sign posted.

A tree with our meal?  Yes please!  Suddenly our plans for the day took a drastic turn.  We ordered our food, and we were promptly presented with 2 pine tree saplings.  How awesome!

After we finished eating, we ran home to drop off the groceries, and grab a shovel.  After some discussion, we decided on a place to plant our trees.  Our own yard was not an option, since it is so small.  Instead, we decided to plant them in a super secret location, which is already lush with vegetation, so we knew they would grow nicely.

Out we went, in the rain and cold, to plant our trees.  Hubby let me pick the spots, then he dug the holes.

I hope our little trees grow big and strong. We plan on visiting them, to see how they do!