Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of Town: Erie Odds and Ends

I covered most of the major points of our time in Erie, but there was a whole different aspect of the trip that I never talked about.  It is just the assorted adventures and discoveries we made in town.

First off, remember, we went to Presque Isle.  On the way there, I saw this creepy hot dog statue, and I knew I needed a picture of it, so we decided to stop on our way out.  By then, it was snowing, and that just added to the creepiness of the pictures.

Where is your other hand there Frank?

Someone call Chris Hanson.

Later, as we were driving toward our hotel, I pointed out a Jelly Belly store, to which Hubby excitedly, really excitedly, replied "Is that Kali's? OMG IT IS MR. FUDGIE FUDGE".  He then proceeded to treat me like an idiot for not knowing, or caring, who Mr. Fudgie Fudge was.  His old high school friend Corey lives in Erie, in fact we got a chance to visit him, and he had long spun to lore to Hubby about this delicious chocolate cartoon man.  When we tried to check into the hotel early, our room was not ready, so, to kill time, we went to visit, you guessed it, Mr. Fudgie Fudge.

Hubby is a bow tie away from being Junior Fudgie Fudge.

The oddest thing was this store also sold knives.  Throwing knives, swords, mace, all kinds of weaponry.  But their best weapon was that delicious fudge.

The lady under charged us.  I think she gave Junior the family discount is all.

That night we got to visit Hubby's friend Corey, whom I had never met, as well as his wife Nicole and their son Owen.  That baby is a total doll.

I got some Fudgie fudge for you too sweet cheeks.

I also got to see a slew of cartoon drawings Hubby and his friends did in high school.  Even then he was snarky, I love it.

The next day, during our adventures, I discovered the Erie frog statues.  Much like the cows in Chicago, and the dinosaurs in Pittsburgh, Erie had dozens of frog statues around the city. as well as a few fish.  It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find them.  In fact, we discovered an elaborate geocache puzzle based on several of the frogs.  It was too late into the trip to try it, so we will be returning to Erie in the future to do this very nerdy activity.  I can't wait.

Have you noticed Hubby likes posing with ridiculous things?

There is even an Erie Frog Blog, though it is not terribly active.  But I love the Erie frogs!

I do not, however, love bad puns.
The rest of the second day was fairly normal, though we did have some run ins with some very odd and rude townies.  Oh well, you will have that everywhere.

Townies were not the only odd ones.  We are capital C Classy.
That night we met our friend Torri, who also lives in Erie, for dessert.  It did not occur to me until just now that we visited with two relocated Kittanningites whose names rhyme.  Spooky.

On the last day, which I have yet to fully blog about, we fought the rain the whole time.  It made our checkout a muddy mess courtesy of two excited dogs.  The whole time we were in Erie, Hubby drooled over Tim Horton's, so we had to stop there before leaving town.

Can I take the plate as a souvenir, pleeeeeeaaaase?

We also spent some time in the local vineyards, and stopped to by some wine.  Which is where I saw this lovely piece of propaganda.

Better yet, buy our wine, get wasted, and feel each other's. Or I can do it for you.  CREEPY.

By this time, we were antsy to get home.  We had seen enough for one trip.  But mark my words, we are going back sometime, so fudgies, froggies, and frotteurs be warned.