Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of Town: Erie Wine Country

On our last day in Erie, we decided to drive a little on the wine trail, and see some of the wine country.  I hoped for beautiful sunny skies, but mother nature had different plans.

Erie is well known for its award winning wines, so there was no way we were not going to stop and check out the scene.  After breakfast, we headed out, to see some of the vineyards.  It was pouring rain, and I do mean pouring, so we did not get to enjoy things as much as I would have liked.



I really love looking at vineyards, with rows upon rows of vines as far as the eye can see.  I grew up with both my parents and grandparents having small sets of grapevines from which we would make home made wine.  My dad still makes wine, and though I am not a red wine girl, my dad's Polish Pink is simply the best.

Of course, I was not just going to look.  We decided to stop at a winery to buy some wine.  This winery had won lots of awards.  I picked my two favorites, Niagara and Gewürztraminer, both sweet whites, and both usually hard to find unless you go to a winery.  Somehow my friends found some Niagara and got me some for my birthday, which was from an Erie vineyard.

At this point, the rain is pretty miserable, so we decided to bid Erie adieu, and head for home.  The ride home was not bad, mostly because I slept, but I will tell ya, it was tricky keeping my German dogs away from my German wine.