Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tiffany Trivia: Odd Hobby

There are most certainly some odd things about me.  I am clumsier than any one person should be.  I have no clue what my natural hair color is.  And yes, I dip my Wendy's french fries into a chocolate frosty.  But one of the oddest things about me is a hobby I had as a child.  I used to love to make confetti.
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As a kid I would sit for hours, yes, hours, cutting up confetti.  I had large garbage bags full of confetti stashed in my bedroom.  No paper object was safe.  Every Wish Book, grocery ad, wallpaper sample, and spare piece of construction paper would be sacrificed to my ever growing stash.  And while I admittedly did find cutting confetti rather soothing (though I did not enjoy the blisters the scissors caused on my thumb), I was doing this for a far more important reason.

It was going to make me rich.

You see, at our high school football games, every time we scored a touchdown, everyone threw confetti.  So, as a kid I came up with the million dollar idea that I would sell bags of confetti for a quarter at the football games and make a killing.

Except, I never followed through.  I just kept cutting and cutting to make more and more and more confetti, until eventually my mom threw it away.  I would say that all that time had been wasted, but at least it was a few hours that I was not getting hurt being clumsy.

So did you, or do you, have any hobbies that might be considered odd?