Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful for... Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown is sort of a holiday staple in our house.  Most people make a tradition of watching the Great Pumpkin special at Halloween, and the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  But one of my favorite's of the Charlie Brown trove is Thanksgiving.

As a kid, Thanksgiving was never a terribly exciting holiday.  The parade always seemed to early, and it seemed to annoy the grown ups who were busy cooking.  Then there was the meal, which was admittedly tasty, but not exactly what a kid would chose.  And then there were endless football games.  Not a whole lot of kid friendly excitement.  There were a few Thanksgiving related kids specials, but the cream of the crop was certainly the Charlie Brown Christmas.

The Charlie Brown holiday specials are still dear to me, and several years ago Hubby bought me the box set.  So, each year, at the appropriate times, we watch the holiday specials.  Since our Light Up Night plans were cancelled last night, we used the opportunity to watch the Thanksgiving special.  I suggested to Hubby that we recreate the Peanuts kids' Thanksgiving feast of toast, pretzels, popcorn, jellybeans, and ice cream sundaes.

Today, we took that silly suggestion and made it a reality.  While I lacked the variety of toasters that Charlie Brown possessed, we made toast in our toaster over.  I did however remain a purist and pop the popcorn in a pan on the stove.  And the ice cream sundaes in the cartoon are pink, which would suggest strawberry ice cream, but I opted for pink peppermint ice cream (which was DELICIOUS)!  We had a minor tragedy when the cat spilled half of the jelly beans all over the floor during the set up phase, but once we got it all on the table, I was pretty proud of our efforts to recreate my favorite Thanksgiving special.



So, today, I am thankful for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, and the fact that it inspired us to do something so silly and fun.  Everyone needs to be a kids at heart now and then, and I am so happy that Hubby is willing to be my partner in crime.  (see the rest of my Charlie Brown Thanksgiving photos here)