Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful for... water

Shower Water Snake feeding :)
Photo Courtesy of John K
My day started out pretty normal.  Woke up, had some delicious oats for breakfast, snuggled with the dogs, and read.  Around 11 a.m., I went downstairs to let the dogs outside, and started washing dishes.  I was just soaping up a plate when Hubby called from work, telling me to not use our water for any reason.

Apparently, the water in my town tested above the pH threshold, and was unsafe.  There was a no use order  that caution against drinking, bathing, or using water for any purpose.  That meant, no teeth brushing, no hand washing, no dishes, no laundry, NOTHING.  This was bad bad news, as tonight was our town's Light Up Night, and I was supposed to volunteer.  So, here I was, no way to shower or clean up.  We did have a couple of jugs of water, but those needed to be conserved for drinking for us and the pets.  I had contemplated going to stay with relatives, or even in a pet friendly hotel, as we were getting very little information, and rumors were saying this could last for days.  Light Up Night was cancelled.

Hubby and I kept in pretty close contact throughout the day, and events unfolded.  He determined he would get some water from a store near his office (our town was pretty much out), pick up some food, and head home.  I was a bit of a grump, what with not being able to use water all day.  Hubby got home, we ate, and settled in for the night when we learned that the no use order was lifted!  HOORAY!  We are still under a boil order for using water for drinking or food prep.  We had to drain our hot water tank, and clear the lines completely, but that is a minor inconvenience.

It kind of embarrasses me what I wimp I have been, not being able to use our water.  It did not even last for 12 hours.  Millions of people have NO access to clean water and sanitation.  It really makes you think about the everyday blessings we take for granted.  So today, I am thankful, not only for my water, but for all the people who worked so hard today to get our water service restored in a timely manner.  Now excuse me while I take a bubble bath.