Tuesday, April 16, 2013

35 Day Project: Love to Boston

Like the rest of America, and perhaps even the world, I am completely heart sick over what happened during yesterday's Boston Marathon.  I cannot comprehend it; it simply makes no sense to me why this would happen.  Why someone would do such a senseless, reprehensible act.  At some point, I had to walk away from social media, and mainstream media, before I lost all home in human kind.

All day long, I wondered how I could use this project to try to be a tiny light in this situation.  Me, little old me, with my silly little birthday kindness project.  Would it really matter?  Would it make a difference?  With just a few days left in the project, I could not turn back now, nor could I turn my back on such a huge wound in the heart and mind of our country.

So, after a lot of thought, I did some research, and found out about The ALLY Foundation.  This is one of the charitable organizations who had a team running in the Boston Marathon yesterday.  The father in law of one of the runners is in critical condition as a result of the bombing.  They need love, and prayer, which I freely and willingly give.  The ALLY Foundation is dedicated to "ending sexual violence through science and innovation."  Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, this seemed like the perfect organization for me to use for today's act.


So, I made a small charitable donation to The ALLY Foundation.  And I offer them, as well as all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, my love and support.  This particular act of kindness is as much for myself as it is for them.  I need to remind myself that goodness still exists.  I need to be the change.

We love you Boston, and we stand with you.