Wednesday, May 1, 2013

35 Day Project: Gifts for you

I have been putting off writing about the final day of the 35 Day project, even though it was nearly two weeks ago.  Part of the reason is I ended up getting the flu on my birthday (yuck), and another part of it was, by writing about it, I was admitting that the project was over.  I really did not want it to end, but it must, like all good things.

The final day of the project was my birthday, and it was bittersweet.  Hubby and I decided to go out to lunch, and mill around a nearby town, which presented the perfect opportunity to pull off my final act for the project.  Even though it was my birthday, I was going to be giving some presents.  To total strangers.


I have a stash of small things to use for acts of kindness, so I dug into the stash, and wrapped up a couple of sets of stationery and matching magnets.  I then wrote small notes explaining that it was my birthday, and that I was celebrating by giving these gifts to people and telling them I appreciated them.  We left them at a couple of places during the day, including the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Since the project has ended, I have found myself missing the camaraderie that had been created through the Facebook group.  A few people have told me that they missed the daily posts.  And I have seen more posts about kindness than I have ever seen before on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  I learned so much about myself, and about the amazing people in my life.  So, I am officially declaring this project a smashing success.