Thursday, June 27, 2013

Influenster Review: Q-tips Precision Tips

Q-tips have long been a staple in my house.  The are handy for so many things.  Hygiene, cut or scrape cleaning, medication application, make-up and nail polish, and that is just to name a few.


Thanks to Influenster and the "Something Blue" VoxBox, I was able to try a new Q-tip product, the Q-tips Precision Tips.  As you can see in the photo below, the ends of these swabs are tapered to a point.  This allows, as the name would suggest, more precision.  I feel like these are a beauty must item!  I wear contact lenses, and my eyes often water.  Typically, this happens about 2 minutes after I complete my eye make-up. If I blot with a tissue or towel, I end up making a bigger mess of my eyes, and possibly damaging the sensitive skin in the eye area, or getting bits of paper in my actual eye.  This is where I have found the Precision Tips to be a lifesaver!  They allow me to clean up any smudges quickly and gently.  They also work for actual application of make-up products.  I have found that they allow me to apply a thinner line of eyeliner, even sometimes using eyeshadow to do it.  All in all, I find this to be a really useful product.

Tonight, I decided to use my Precision Tips to have a little fun.  As of today, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in 1st place in the MLB.  For a team that cannot manage a winning season for more years than I can count, this is a HUGE deal.  So, I celebrated by giving myself a baseball themed manicure.  I am not very good with painting my nails, but the Precision Tips helped a lot.  I was able to use them to create my design, as well as clean up some of the messy parts where I colored outside the lines.  My nails look far from perfect, but thanks to Q-tips Precision Tips, they look pretty fantastic.


Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary of Influenster for the purposes of testing.