Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nearly 4 Years Later

How do you feel about the first blog post you ever wrote?

Sadly, I do not remember the very first blog post I EVER wrote.  This is because it was back when I had a MySpace page.  I blogged on there for a long time, mostly about my love life, but when I deleted that page, all those posts were lost in the shadowy passages of the internets.

So, instead, I will reflect on my first post on this particular blog.  I will wait a moment while you read are back?  OK.

Basically, I feel like this is almost identical to a post I would write now.  I write blogs along these lines all the time.  The post features a discussion with my husband, and showcases his quirky sense of humor.  Anyone who reads this blog often had heard me talk a lot about my husband, and has seen many an example of his hilarity.  I can already imagine that particular discussion playing out.  I probably said "this is so ridiculous, I need to tell someone else about it".  At which point I was inspired to start a blog.

We will still have ridiculous conversations like that.  And I still share a lot of those moments online.  The phrase "you need to tweet that" is said several times a week.

Still, a LOT has changed since that first post.  First off, this is what we looked like in February 2010.


We. Were. Babies!  We look so different.  Not better, not worse.  Just different.  My hair color, length, and style has changed probably 20 times since then (no joke).   (And WHAT is up with those eyebrows, geesh?) Hubby has grown a full, lush beard, and more than a few additional grey hairs.

When that post was written, we had just adopted or puppy, Dexter.  Now we have two adorable, grown up dogs.  We had been married less than 6 months, and I was adjusting to my new role of full time housewife.  Since then I have had a couple of part time jobs, and I just started a new one.  But I still relish being a housewife.

Since that time, we have helped family and friends through struggles, and they have helped us through some of our own.  We have become active within our community.  We have taken trips.  We have remodeled our home.  We have filled the subsequent years with love, and laughter.  The same love and laughter that is reflected in that very first post.

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