Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do You Remember.....sidewalk chalk?

There are a ton of kids in my neighborhood, and I must admit, I love it. There is something magical to hearing the laughter of children in the early mornings. This morning I sat in the living room, I could hear the boys from next door playing with their dad outside. Later some of the girls from our street and the surrounding streets joined them. The kids were playing so well, I never even bothered to peek outside to see what exactly they were doing.

As the morning progressed, we were busy getting ready for Easter Saturday dinner with my in laws. I was so caught up in fixing my dessert to take, and getting dressed, that I never stepped outside until it was time to leave. When we went to go, I immediately noticed that the sidewalks were covered with colorful markings. AHHHH... so that was what had kept the children so occupied all morning.

There were a variety of drawings, and I only glanced at a few, until Hubby said "AWWWW. Honey come see this"

So I walked over to where Hubby stood, looked at the ground, and saw this...

I know it is hard to read it, so I enhanced the photo to make it a little more legible....

It says "I am not you're girl frend".

Cutest thing ever. I can only imagine the childlike conversation that precipitated this drawing.

I loved sidewalk chalk as a kid, and my niece and nephew played with it too. Seeing these drawings made me want to go buy some, and christen the newly poured concrete sidewalk square in front of my house.