Monday, July 19, 2010

Explorations: The Farmers Market

Every Friday, during the summer, there is a Farmers Market here in town.  I think sometimes they also have them up in West Kittanning, though I do not know what days.  I have been seeing the signs for the one in town, and decided last Friday to go check it out.

It looked like it was just one family, a father and two sons, there selling produce and flowers from their farm.  They had so much to pick from, it was hard to decide.  I settled on a dozen ears of corn, 3 mini eggplants, a zucchini, and some blueberries, all for ten bucks!  I dropped it all off at home before heading out for our Friday Date Night.

 Saturday, we were a little lazy, so I did not even look at the produce until late afternoon/early evening.  The blueberries were so beautiful, I decided to try to take a creative picture with them.  Here is my best attempt.
Both yesterday and today I had some blueberries in my cereal, yesterday just a couple to see if I would like them, then today I put a half cup in.  So sweet and delicious!

Yesterday, we had a little cook out with some friends, and planned on grilling the corn and eggplants.  We shucked the corn, and on one ear, there was a little shoot that looked like a tiny ear of corn, so we shucked that as well, and sure enough, it was a mini corn!

We grilled the corn (but the mini ear fell between the grates, boo) and it was so good!  I put butter and Pampered Chef Creole seasoning on it, so tasty!  The eggplant was exceptional as well, I brushed an herb and garlic sauce lightly on it.  Now all we have left are some blueberries and the zucchini.  I think it is safe to assume I will be going back this Friday!