Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CSN Review- Bookcase

I know it has been a bit since I said I was going to have a review but there is a reason for that.  Let me explain.

I got approached by CSN Stores to do another review for their products.  I was super excited, and decided I needed another bookshelf, to accommodate all the books I get from doing book reviews.  So, after some discussion with Hubby, we settled on this bookshelf:
So, I ordered it online, as always a very easy process, and within just a few days we had it.  I am always impressed with how fast the shipping from is from CSN. 

However, when we opened the box to start assembling the bookshelf, we noticed each piece of the bookshelf had some damage on it, crushed corners and such.  I decided to call the Customer Service line, to report the damage.  The Customer Service representative was so helpful and apologetic!  He immediately placed an order for a new bookshelf to be sent out to us!!  I asked him if we needed to send the damaged one back, and he said he would check with the warehouse, but if we did have to send it back, they would pay the shipping.  The next morning, I received word that we did not need to send it back, and we could discard the damaged bookshelf.  Within just a couple of days, we received the replacement bookcase, and it was perfect!

Hubby willingly put it together for me.  He said the assembly was very easy.  In fact, he put it together while we were watching an episode of Mad Men (which explains my shocking lack of photos of the process).  He had it together and upstairs before the episode was finished.

I decided to put the bookshelf in our bedroom, to put some of Hubby's books on.  It matches our bedroom furniture perfectly, and it a good size for his books.  It is of good construction for the price, and overall, I am quite happy with it.  I am especially happy with the overall experience with the Customer Service representatives, who helped make a trying situation completely painless!