Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to you Hubby!

Sorry that I was away for a few days, but we had a busy weekend!  Friday was Hubby's birthday!  We celebrated the entire weekend.

His birthday started off with red roses and presents.  I got him a t shirt, a new mp3 player, and tickets to the upcoming Pens preseason game!

He had his actual birthday off of work, so we took a day trip down to Fort Necessity, in Uniontown PA.  We had a very good time, and even took the doggie!

We had a great time, then we came home and Hubby and I went to dinner.  We came home, relaxed, and then it was time for cake!

The celebration continued on Saturday with a jaunt down to Pittsburgh for the Pirates game, followed by Skyblast.  The Pirates lost of course, but we had a great time with our friends, and the fireworks and concert were amazing.  We had a wonderful night with friends!

Finally, rounding out the weekend, we went to Ohio yesterday to visit my family.  We had a cook out, saw my sister's new house, and celebrate Hubby's birthday.  Everyone got him a joke gift, all bat related, thanks to our bat issue a few weeks ago, but he took it in stride, and it is just proof how much they love him and how well he fits in to my family.  We even surprised him by singing Happy Birthday, and having a cake.  We ended the evening around a fire outside.

All in all a wonderful, perfect weekend.  What a wonderful way to wrap up the summer.  Bring on the fall.