Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kissing the old year out, kissing the new year in

I have never been a big New Years Eve person.  As a kid, my parents usually left us with my Gram, because my dad's polka band would have a gig, and my mom would go along.  After I got older, usually NYE was spent with my family.  We would all get together, eat lots of yummy food, play games, watch the ball drop, drink some champagne, then go to bed.

When Hubby was still Boyfriend, and we were dating, we spend NYE just the two of us, watching a movie, and snuggling.  Last year we went to a party some friends were throwing, but still, I just wanted to be home, and doing something more like what my family does.  This year, I got my wish, thanks to some wonderful friends.

We had plans to get together for munchies and games, before heading out to watch the ball drop.  Before I could leave the house, however, I had to engage in a long standing tradition my family has: putting out money.
The tradition is that we take a small amount of money (I usually do at least 1 bill and some coins) and we hide them outside.  After the new year starts, you bring the money back in.  Legend has it that this will ensure that you will have enough money to see you through the year.  So, I got our money ready, and headed out to hide it.
The key is to find a good spot, well hidden, so no one will disturb it.  I found the perfect spot!
Don't tell anyone where I hid it!

After the money was out, off we went to "the farm" to hang with our friends.  I took a tray of pirogies, and there was tons of other yummy things to eat as well.  After everyone was there and had full tummies, it was game time.  We played a game called Say Anything, which was amazingly fun!

Finally, at 11:30, we decided to head out.  We went to the Eagles in Kittanning, since it was close.  Once we got there, we were given hats and noisemakers.

Finally, the countdown began.  5.....4.....3.......2.......1 HAPPY NEW YEAR.

We then spent a few moments toasting to good friends, and well wishes for the new year.

Shortly after this, Hubby and I went home.  We retrieved our hidden money, blew the vuvuzela, and found a much better use for Hubby's ill fitting NYE hat.

Then we settled in to watch an episode of Mad Men on the DVR.

I have heard it said that whatever you are doing when the new year comes in is how you will spend the majority of that year.  If that is the case, I will happily spend lots of time with my wonderful friends and my awesome Hubby.

Here is to another year full of blessings.