Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You're My Cuppycake

I think I have told you before that I love cupcakes.  I mean, I really really love them.  *pink puffy heart* love them.  I think they are delicious, lord knows I do, but I also think they are adorable.  Hubby knows this about me.  Often, he would bring me cupcake as a surprise.  But he knows how hard I am trying to lose weight, so, for my Christmas stocking, he gave me cupcakes....in a different way.

Hubby ordered this adorable cupcake merchandise from a website called Think Geek.  I was beyond excited to get this stuff!

First off, we had cupcake flavored gumballs.
The tin is so cute, and you open it to find the bright pink gumballs inside.  They are supposed to taste like frosting, but the flavor is very subtle.  These are more of a novelty than anything else, but still pretty tasty!

Next we have cupcake mints.
These are DELICIOUS!  You open the tin to find the tiny white, pink, and blue mints.

They are so good, even Hubby likes them.  I plan on getting more of these, not only for myself, but perhaps for some random acts of kindness in the future.  I will be very sad when this tin is empty, but luckily the tin is cute, and I am sure I will reuse it.

Next, we have cupcake drink tablets.
These are like alka seltzer, only sweet.  They fizz in water.  I made the mistake of only putting one in a glass of water, when the directions say "to taste" and show a picture of 2 in a glass.  It takes a while for them to dissolve, but there is some potential here for tastiness.

Next up is the cupcake chapstick.
Once again, this stuff is fantastic.  It tastes sweet and delicious, making you extra kissable, but also makes your lips soft and moist.  I love it.  Unfortunately, so did my doggy, who had a sample of it himself.

And last, but most definitely not least, we have the cupcake stress reliever.
Brightly colored pink and blue, it immediately makes you feel happy, and by squeezing it, you can take out your frustrations.

I give major props to Hubby for such a creative idea for my stocking.  I love this stuff, almost as much as real cupcakes!