Tuesday, March 1, 2011


IMG_1954Life in our little area of town is going to be changing soon, and I guess it is time I start preparing for the eventuality.  We will be getting over 20 new neighbors by the fall.  Let me explain.

In our town, there used to be a branch campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, or IUP.  Several years back, they closed the campus, and the land just sort of sat there.  There was a basketball court, several lots, and some parking that came in handy on street cleaning night.  Then, we received word that the land had all been sold, and a housing development was going to go in.  People were displeased to say the least.

Not only would this create potential for more traffic in an area heavily populated with small children, it would upset the balance of the tight knit community of neighbors.  As it was, things were different enough for them, what with Hubby and I moving in, then the long time resident across the street from us selling her house to another young couple.  But, despite all our protestations, the development is all systems go.

So much so, in fact, this winter, the end of one street was blocked off, and in came the construction crew.
IMG_1962 edit

First thing torn up was the parking lot, then the basketball courts.  Next thing I knew, the whole lot had been torn up and cleared.  Now, 3 houses are up, and the foundations for several more are ready.

This is going to be a huge change for my small community.  The upside is, the houses are for senior citizens on fixed incomes, so hopefully, the community will stay quiet and peaceful.  Apparently, similar housing communities were built in parts of Pittsburgh, and are doing well.  I guess we can only wait and see.

To us, this is not such a huge change, since we have only lived in town less than 2 years.  But some families have lived here 30 years or more, and had absolutely no say in this decision.  I can only hope this works out for the benefit of all.