Thursday, March 17, 2011

It Made My Day: You really like me!

Many of you know that over the past few months, photography has become a great passion on mine.  I am completely amateur, and most likely will stay that way (though you never know).  I completed an adult education class in photography recently, and benefited from it so much (shout out to my teacher Bethany!).  I can really see improvement in my photographic skills, as well as an increase in my creativity and ability to capture a real story in my pictures.

Since January 1, I have been participating in something called the 365 Project, where you take a picture each day, and submit it.  The website is such a rich, supportive, creative community that I have really been able to push myself with my pictures.  Yesterday, I took a picture about the silent victims of sexual violence, inspired by the book Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson.  It was a self portrait, my interpretation of the book.  The response has been so powerful.

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning and learn that the photo had made it to the Popular Page in the website!

The page showcases the best of the best recent photos.  Amazing stuff on this page, always.  I am so completely honored and shocked that my picture made the page!

Here is a better look at my photo, titled Don't Tell:
Don't Tell on 365 Project

It was really unexpected that the picture would have so much impact.  And it totally made my day.