Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cartoons By Hubby; Lachrymose Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day

2011-03-17 10.08.50

Lachrymose Leprechaun: Mo Money Mo Problems

The Backstory: Hubby and I both woke up at 5:30 thanks to a couple of fussy dogs.  Once Chloe and Dexter went out, came back in, and settled down, we were both pretty much awake.  So, I made a pot of coffee, and Hubby and I got to drink a cup together before he left for work.  He then walked into the kitchen, and decided to draw on the white board.  I asked, while he was drawing, if that was a leprechaun.  He replied, yes, but I am not sure why he is so sad.  He thought a moment, then drew the gold, and added the thug creed: Mo Money, Mo Problems.

A lachrymose leprechaun.  That's so gangsta.