Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Good to Be Right-UPDATED

Last summer, Hubby and I were visiting my parents, and we were all sitting around talking about things we remember that are not around anymore, you know, candy, cereal, and sodas that have been discontinued.  I spoke up about how I remember drinking Apple Slice.  No one else remembered the existence of this pop.  My dad thought he might maybe have heard of it, but everyone else was convinced I was a little loopy and misremembering.  My mom said something like, I am not saying you are lying,  I just don't remember it.  To which Hubby jokingly responded Oh I think you are straight up lying.

Well, yesterday I stumbled upon a web page that did indeed confirm the existence of Apple Slice. I promptly called my mom to tell her, because I could not remember if it was her or hubby that teased me about so bad.  She set the record straight that it was Hubby, so late last night I showed him the page, and told him to "suck it".

His response was, until he saw a picture, he would not believe it.


That just happened.

Of course, Hubby cannot accept the defeat, and swears this is photoshopped.  But we all know the truth.

(Photo credit: A Tribute to Fallen Sodas)

Hubby is still bitter, as seen in comment below, but I unfortunately can trump him with a youtube video of an Apple Slice commercial.  You can see it at 4:10.

Once again, I win ha ha