Friday, March 18, 2011

Do you remember... going steady?

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We all know I am a huge fan of the Cosby Show, and I have been watching it on Netflix lately.  I am now on Season 2, and yesterday, I watched an episode where Robert asked Vanessa if she wanted to go steady.  I was instantly thrust back into junior high school.  Do you remember going steady?  I remember the first boy I went steady with.  It was 7th grade, and he broke up with me because I would not kiss him.  I would not kiss him because he had braces, and I did not want to cut my mouth.  Ah, young love.

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In high school, going steady took one whole new meanings thanks to class rings.  As a freshman, I dated a junior, and since you got your class ring your sophomore year, he gladly gave me his ring to wear.  For 2 years, I diligently wrapped that huge honking ring in colored thread that matched the stone (and also our school colors).  In one of the pictures in my yearbook, you can see me with this ridiculously large ring on my hand.  I was so cool.  I dated 2 boys in high school, each for 2 years, so I never needed (or wanted) my own class ring, I always just wore theirs.

Eventually, we did not call it going steady anymore, and sadly, I think the term has gone out of fashion.  Now it is just "going out" "talking" or maybe "dating".  I remember the butterflies I felt the last time I realized I was someone's steady girl.
Even several years later, he still give me butterflies.