Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 3/50 Project

This whole blog was created to help celebrate my life in a small town.  I blather on and on, to anyone who will listen, about how wonderful I think Kittanning is, and how I want to give back to my community.  Through the Secret Agent L project, I have done several random acts of kindness missions aimed at showing love to my community.  And now, I have found yet another way to spread some local love, and encourage everyone, everywhere, to do the same thing.

I am not sure how I first learned about The 3/50 Project, but once I learned about it, I know I wanted to promote it here.  The 3/50 Project is designed to help support local independent businesses.

So, where does the 3/50 come from?  Well first off, think of 3 local independent businesses that you simply adore, could not live without, and would hate to see leave your community.  But do not just "think" about them, go visit them.  Purchase items, do some business, support the business to help insure they succeed.

Next consider this.  If half the population spent $50 each month (which would be so easy to do) in locally owned independent businesses, the result would generate over 42 billion dollars of revenue.  Let that number sink in for just a minute.  42 billion.  Think of the jobs that could be created.  Think of the impact that could have on the community and the business owners.  Think of all the possibilities.

So let's say you spend $100 dollars shopping today.  How you spend it can have tremendous impact.  Let's say you spend it shopping at a local business.  Of that $100, $68 which is almost seventy percent, of the money will return to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.  Now, let's say you spend the money shopping at a big box national retailer; only $48 dollars will go back to the community.  Now, let's say you spend the money shopping online; NOTHING comes back to the community.

While sometimes shopping at national retailers and online sites is unavoidable, think of all the times you pop into a huge, overly lit superstore, or click a few mouse clicks, to make purchases that could easily have been gotten at the mom and pop store down the street, or you local bookstore.  The great thing about The 3/50 Project is you don't have to boycott national chains or online stores.  The idea is to balance your shopping so that you increase local expenditures, but you never have to stop shopping anywhere you like.

The economy is first and foremost in everyone's minds these days.  Unemployment is soaring, and times are clearly difficult.  But this is a way that you can help have a real impact.  Please, I urge you, visit the 3/50 website, and start contributing to this wonderful movement.  And please, if you are an independent business owner, register with the site, and help spread the word.  I especially aim this at Armstrong County business owners, because as of right now, NO businesses in Kittanning, and only 1 in Ford City are listed as registered supporters of this wonderful cause.

So, to show you I have my money where my mouth is, I am now going to highlight 3 of the many independent businesses we support in Kittinnaning.

First of, Dizzy Lizzie's.  Nothing is quite as delicious as local eateries, and this is one of the best around.  Dizzy Lizzie's has the best breakfast, hands down, in town.  The waitresses are always friendly, and often, the owner can be found walking through the dining room, or near the front door wishing everyone a good day.  Small town at its finest.

The Market on Reynolds.  Our presence at this store will increase greatly over the coming months, because it will soon be ice cream season!  Hubby and I love this little store.  It has a couple of aisles of groceries, a small deli area, and some of the most awesome ice cream ever.  In addition to hand scooped ice cream, they have a soft serve machine that swirls colorful and flavorful stripes on your ice cream.  No joke.

In8 Massage.  I just discovered this place last fall, and I fell in love.  Wonderful staff and affordable massage prices make this place a must for some pampering and personal care.  Hubby even got me a massage gift certificate for Christmas.

As I said, these are only a few of the local businesses we frequent.  We are all about supporting our community!  So consider this my official pledge to spend at least $50 a month at local independent businesses.

Are you ready to take The 3/50 Project pledge as well?