Saturday, April 9, 2011

Explorations: Mars

Pennsylvania is host to many oddly named places.  Places named after other states (Indiana, California, Oklahoma), foreign places (Bagdad, Japan, Germany), even some odd general locations (Hospital, Library, Laboratory), but the place with the most far out name has got to be Mars, Pennsylvania.

Mars is a little town located near Cranberry, and Hubby drives through there on his way to work.  We decided to see the sites, which admittedly are pretty sparse in this small Western PA town.  The town likes to poke fun and their celestial name, and there is actually a little space ship in town

as well as a sign wishing for peace on earth.

It is clear that the residents of the town have a great sense of humor.

Personally, I love the small town nature of this town.  It is the kind of town where you know everyone, you wave to strangers, and you most certainly notice some creep taking pictures of the local grocery store.  Ahem.

Probably my favorite aspect of the town is the lovely older buildings. The town is rich with historic architecture, as well as Mars Station, a depot of the Pittsburgh and Western railroad.

If you are ever near Butler or Pennsylvania, take the time to visit Mars. It is certainly out of this world. (sorry, I had to.)