Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small Town Elements: Pizzerias

Pizza Time on 365 Project

Hubby and I love to have occasional pizza nights, and 9 times out of 10, we are ordering from one of the neighborhood pizzerias.  Kittanning is ripe with fantastic mom and pop pizza shops.  With all the different places to choose from, why would we ever pick a national chain pizza?

One of our favorite places is Sirena Pizza.  We order from them once in a while, but our favorite thing about this pizza shop is the lunch buffet.  Salad fixings and several different kinds of hot, fresh pizza adorn this buffet, and the price is so reasonable.  We do not get to go often, since it is only on weekdays.  You can bet that any time Hubby has at home vacation time, that vacation will include a trip to the Sirena lunch buffet.   

Another favorite of ours is Tri R Pizza, located just a few blocks from us in town.  They have incredible prices, and often Hubby and I get a 28 cut pizza (for like 16 bucks) and have it for 4 or 5 meals.  You can't beat that price, and the pizza is so delicious.  They are always happy to split the pizza for us, mushrooms for me and pepperoni for Hubby.

Another favorite of mine is Hetrick's.  Their pizza is good, but they also have amazing sandwiches and salads as well.  In fact, I call them often and beg for a salad that is not even on the menu, but they are always willing to make it for me.  They make the best buffalo chicken salad in all of Armstrong County!

I could talk about all kinds of other pizza shops in the area, but I think I might leave that for Hubby to do.*  My main point with this post is that there is so much my small town has to offer, and I bet the same can be said about yours.  So, go, explore some of your town's treasures, support local business, and have a slice of pizza!

*Hubby said he wants to possibly write reviews of different local pizza places on his blog, and I totally think he should.  In fact, you should leave him comments or tweet him on twitter and tell him he should as well!