Monday, June 6, 2011

It Made My Day: Chico

Walmart_Name_Tag_Stock_by_FightforastupidcauseYesterday morning, we decided to take a little shopping trip first thing in the morning.  Hubby was going to Sam's Club to get tires on his car, and he dropped me off at the Walmart nearby to do some grocery shopping.  I figured by the time I was done shopping, his car would be done.  That did not go as planned.  Hubby was the 3rd in line for tires, so his estimated wait was 90 minutes.  We found this out when I was half done shopping.  So, I took my time as much as possible, but finally, I tired of shopping, and headed to the checkout.

After I checked out, I went to one of the indoor benches, and sat to read on my phone for a bit.  I was a little annoyed that we had to wait so long, but I knew it was no ones fault.  While I was sitting there reading, I was approached by a Walmart employee who asked to share the bench with me.  His nametag read "Chico".

As we sat there, he started making small talk.  And I noticed that he knew everyone, I mean EVERYONE who walked by, and they all smiled when they saw him.  I said to him, "you are the most popular man in Walmart!".  He explained that he had been a UPS driver for over 30 years, and got used to getting to know people.  Now he is retired, and works at Walmart to stay busy, but he still likes to get to know everyone.

Over the course of his 15 minute break, Chico and I discussed good food, our families, and love.  He mentioned that his adult daughters were still single, and that good men were hard to find.  So, I started talking about Hubby, and how I was so lucky to have found him.  I told him about all of Hubby's wonderful qualities. And Chico said "It sounds like your husband is a true child of God", to which I replied, "He certainly is; I am so blessed".  Chico responded, "So is he, he is blessed to have you."

Sometimes, we just need a moment like this, a moment where God is clearly reaching out to us, and showing us His love through the voice of a total stranger.  It made me stop and take stock of all my blessings, and helped me be even more determined than ever to be the best wife I can be.

Thank you, Chico, for spending those moments with me.  It truly made my day.