Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movies in the Park

We are so fortunately to live within a short distance of Riverfront Park in Kittanning.  I love this park, it was the original location for our wedding before we got rained out.  I have gone to the park several times, but I know we should take more advantage of the park itself, as well as the many wonderful events held there.  Last night, we did just that.

We had toyed with the idea of going to one of the movies in the park last summer and never got around to it.  Last night, we were coming home from dinner, and I saw the screen set up as we crossed the bridge.  There were still plenty of seats left, even though the movie would be starting in 20 minutes.  We made a decision to run home, grab the doggies, and head on down.  We decided to drive, because that walk is a little too far for dogs with short stubby dachshund legs.


We got there just as the movie was starting.  It was the perfect night for an outdoor movie.  Not to warm, not too cool, and not even the tiniest chance of rain.

The movie was Despicable Me.  I knew nothing about the movie, but I have to say, Hubby and I both loved it.  We laughed a lot, and there were sweet sappy moments as well.  It was a wonderful family friendly movie.

I was terribly impressed with how well my dogs behaved.  They never fussed, and were more than happy to hand out free kisses to anyone who wanted them.  We even shared a box of popcorn with them.


It was such a lovely night, and there was a great turnout. It was beautiful to watch dusk envelop our small town, and to see the community enjoying the beautiful night together. It is moments like these for which I am eternally grateful.