Friday, July 15, 2011

BlogFest 2011

Photobucket Yes, I am still alive blogosphere.  I have just been super busy with some exciting developments in my life, which I will be writing more about next week.  But, in order to atone for my lack of posts, I have decided to reward you all by participating in BlogFest 2011 and hosting a giveaway.

The giveaway gives me a chance to talk about something I have been wanting to discuss for a while.  The phrase I want to discuss is "just a housewife".

Having worked a full time, corporate America type job the entire time Hubby and I dated, I surprised many people with my decision to stop working once we got married.  The decision was based on what made sense for us as newlyweds, given the fact that we were also settling into a new house, and to us, it made perfect sense.  But since I was not staying at home to raise children, and could not have the title of stay at home mom, I quickly got labeled by many as "just a housewife".  The label was not intended to be nice.

For me, I love being a wife, and taking care of our home.  I love cooking delicious dinners, and baking cakes, and creating all sorts of amazing projects and adventures for us.  I take care of our pets, I have a lot of side projects going on at all times, I have lots of hobbies.  In short, I live an incredibly fulfilling life.  But some people see me as "just a housewife".  I have learned that people who criticize the lives of others generally are dissatisfied with their own.  To those people, you can call me 'just a housewife".  In fact, call me anything you like.  As for me, I simply call myself happy.

To celebrate my status as a happy housewife, I am hosting a giveaway of two goodie bags, suitable for housewives, moms, single ladies, and anyone in between.  It is all about loving your life for where you are.  So, two lucky readers will be getting a bag full of goodies!

Check out the bags:

2011-07-14 07.06.56

2011-07-14 07.05.22

Each bag includes a t shirt, a journal, a bookmark, a little plaque, a mini pedicure set, lip balm, hand cream, and some cute stickers.

Entering is so simple!  Here are the details:
  • In order to win, you must be a follower of my blog and a US resident
  • The giveaway is open from 12:01 am July 15th to 11:59 pm July 17th.  Two winners will be chosen on July 18th.  
  • Entering is SUPER easy, just leave me a comment below with your name, your email, and telling me how you follow my blog (GFC, Networked Blogs, etc). 
  •  Follow me on Twitter and get and extra entry by leaving a second comment with your Twitter name.  
  • "Like" me on Facebook and get an extra entry by leaving a third comment with your Facebook name. 
  • Leave me a fourth comment telling me what you LOVE about YOUR life and get an extra entry.
 So, you can get up to 4 entries.  Simple right?  RIGHT!  So, best of luck!


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Hope you all enjoy Blogfest 2011.  Keep track of all the giveaways you enter here!  Good luck!