Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out of Town: Punxsutawney


On weekends, Hubby and I love to take little local trips to different places, and just check out different off the beaten path things.  So it came as no surprise to him that one recent Saturday, I suggested we go to Punxsatawney.  This sleepy little town in Jefferson County PA is most famously know for being the home of Punxsatawney Phil, the groundhog used for prediction on Groundhog Day.

The groundhog is this town's cash cow, and man oh man, groundhogs are everywhere.

As I have mentioned in the past, we absolutely adore public art installations, like the Erie frogs, and the Garret County MD Bear Trail, so, it made perfect sense to us to try to find all the public art groundhog statues in Punxy.

 We bit off more than we could chew.

There are 32 statues in all, and we found about 20 of them.  Not bad for only being there for about 3 hours.

 We also stopped to see Phil and Phillis, the resident groundhogs.

Of course, being that this is groundhog central, this is where some of the scenes for the movie Groundhog Day were shot.  We did not research any specific locations (and did not make it to Gobblers Knob, the most famous location in town), but we did get to see a giant groundhog that was created specifically for the movie.  It is like a vertical billboard.

The town is so quaint and cool, we stopped in a used bookstore and got some books, and did a little window shopping as well.  We will certainly be going back to see more of Punxy and to find the rest of the statues.

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