Friday, October 28, 2011

That awkward moment when no one gets your Halloween costume...

Hubby and I are total nerds, no doubt about it.  We watch nerdy shows, we have nerdy hobbies, and we like nerdy activities.  Including a few video games.  One of our favorite games is called Plants vs. Zombies.  It is one of the few games that appeals to both of us.

Last year, I jokingly suggested that we use this game to inspire our Halloween Costumes.  But we didn't, we went as Sookie and Bill from True Blood instead.  Brilliant costumes, I might add.  A bit over the top, but brilliant none the less.

When it came time to plan our costumes from this year, we had some backup costumes, but I really wanted to do the Plants vs. Zombies idea.  So, we hunted and hunted for the appropriate clothing for him, and green sweats for me.  I made my little flower headband, and even a sun for my sun power (those who play the game know what I mean).  Finally, the day of our friends' party came, and we prepared.  I did the greatest makeup job I have ever done on Hubby, and what a trooper he was too.

I did my own makeup, and then, we put on the rest of the costumes.  I thought we looked amazing.

Here we are with our counterparts from the game.  Hubby is spot on I think.
Picnik collage

buckethead collage


So, we get to the party, and..... crickets crickets crickets.  No one understood our costumes.  Not. A. Single. Person.

People thought I was a flower, he was a weirdo with a bucket on his head.  No one got the cultural reference at all.

The closest guess we got was "pushing up daisies".  Wah wah waaaaaaah.

Maybe we should have done something a little more current events themed.  Like this guy, who came as Occupy Wall Street.