Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: WRRYFree Skin Care

IMG_1280I recently had an opportunity to review some products from a company called WRRYFree Skin Care.  I am kind of in love with this company for several reasons.  First off, the company is Pittsburgh based; I am all about supporting local business, and I consider myself a Pittsburgher at heart, so you know I love any chance to rep my town!  The company was founded by William R. Reynolds Young, a young entrepreneur with a good head for business (and all around cool dude that I met through the Pittsburgh social media community).  So, not only do I get to support a 'burgh based business, but one run by a young person?  Double awesome!

But probably the best part of the business is the content of their products.  The products are marketed as "Clean, Safe, and Effective", which means we do not have to worry about the effects of the products.  Partner that no worry with the founder's initials, and you get WRRYFree Skin Care.

I mentioned on Twitter that I had sore skin on my nose after suffering a cold from the 7th circle of Hades last month, and WRRYFree Skin Care told me that one of their products would help.  They sent me some samples, and let me tell you, it was love at first smell.  I swear, these products are so clean and fresh smelling, it is like springtime in a tube!

I received samples of four different products, so I will talk about each one individually.

First up was the Climb On! Bar, a lotion bar that is so safe you can even use it on newborns and dogs.  This bar is best used on small areas.  I first tried this on my heels, which tend to get dry and cracked.  It really worked well.  This is a fabulous all natural and cruelty free option for people who need intensive therapy for their skin.  I also used it on my cuticles today, and already I can see a difference.

Next was the Climb On! Creme'.  This is a formula similar to the bar, but in an easier to use lotion.  Once again, I found myself loving this product.  I thought it was easier to use that the bar, simply because it was easier to spread on my skin.  It still provided intensive moisture therapy!  No artificial scents or colors means it will not irritate my sensitive skin, yet it still smells heavenly because it contains natural essential oils.

Next up is the Lip Tube.  Of all the WRRYFree Skin Care products I have tried, this is, by far, my favorite. This is basically the same formula as the creme, but in chapstick tube form.  Again, a really clean and fresh scent.  Like many people, my lips get dry and cracked in the winter.  I started applying the Lip Tube several times a day, and my lips are now moist, soft, and totally healthy.  This product also can be used to heal "tissue nose", the problem that plagued me after my terrible cold.  Using my finger, I would apply a tiny bit of this to the dry, cracked skin on my nose, and it truly worked wonders!  This is one of the best lip balms I have ever encountered!

The final product I tried was the Mineral Sunscreen.  Of the products I tried, this is the one I have not had much opportunity to use.  The Sunscreen has an SPF of 30, and is safe for babies over 6 months.  It contains some organic ingredients, and like any sunscreen needs to be reapplied during prolonged sun exposure.  This one does not have as much of a scent as the other products, but I do love the fact that it totally absorbs into your skin so that you are not left feeling greasy.

All in all, I am beyond pleased with these products, and fully intend to try some of their other products soon (I am super intrigued by their Bast! Spa Line).  These products are all great for those people who want more natural products, people with sensitive skin, and pregnant or new mommies, simply because the products are so naturally derived and safe.  I really recommend that if you are looking for ways to make your beauty routine more natural and pure, check out WRRYFree Skin Care!