Monday, April 16, 2012

Thankful for..... his patience.

UntitledOver the weekend, we got together to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends.  Some of the people at the get together were folks we were just getting to know, so over the course of the evening, Hubby and I got a chance to share the story of how we got together.  It reminded me how incredibly patient Hubby is.

You see, Hubby and I started out as just friends.  More specifically, online friends.  We would email, text, chat, and even talk on the phone about any and every thing under the sun.  He would patiently listen to me talk about the awful dates I would go on with total creeps, the hum drum daily stories from my life, my joys, my frustrations, everything.  And periodically, he would mention when he had time off from work, so that perhaps we could get together.  So, for 2.5 years basically, he casually asked me out, and every single time I said no.  I am not sure what I was so afraid of, but I convinced myself that it would never work out between us.  So, each time, I said no.

Finally, when I turned 30, I realized I clearly had feelings for this wonderful man, and I needed to figure out what was going on.  We went on our first date, and by the end of the evening, I just knew.  This was it.  He was the one.

I thank God each day that Hubby was so patient, persistent, and caring that he never gave up on me.  I can never express to him how incredibly thankful I am.  So, I thank him.  A lot.  For everything.

Thanks for doing the dishes.

Thanks for getting me a glass of water.

Thanks for working so hard to provide for us.

Thanks for switching the laundry for me.

Thanks for feeding the dogs.

Thanks for being you.

Thanks for being my husband.

You see, I think I should thank him.  I think it is good to say thank you to your spouse or partner, even for the day to day things they do.  Because I really am that thankful.  I am thankful that he is willing to do the things he does, thankful that he is the man he is, thankful that he chose me, thankful that he stuck it out for 2.5 years until we went on that first date.

We thank each other all the time.  It is just what we do.  I could thank him all day long, and it would still never express how truly thankful I am.