Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thankful for.... socks and underwear: Project Giving Skivvies

How many of us, as children, had that one relative, possibly even our parents, who insisted on giving us socks and underwear for Christmas and birthday gifts?  What we really wanted was the newest Transformer, or that sweet day-glo New Kids on the Block t-shirt (or was that just me), and instead we got crew socks and tighty whiteys.  To say we were disappointed would be a great understatement.  One of the greatest indicators of reaching adulthood is the day we actually get excited about new socks and underwear.

Most people take these things totally for granted, myself included.  I have never had to worry about having the very basic necessities in life.  Often, we forget how much we are blessed.

Today, on a facebook group, I was gently reminded to be thankful for socks and underwear.  I saw a post talking about the Light of Life Mission, a rescue mission helping to serve the homeless in Pittsburgh.  One of the things this organization provides is clean socks and underwear to individuals (men women and children) in need.  Except, lately, they have had nothing to give.  The organization has been completely out of these items, and had literally been turning away people in need.  They desperately need new socks and underwear for men, women, and children.

There are some ways in which you and I can help.  If you live in the Pittsburgh area, and have some time to stop by, you can drop clean, new, unused socks and/or underwear off at the mission, any time day or night.  Their address is 10 E. North Ave Pgh, PA 15212.

Another option would be to donate online at and put "SOX" in the designation field.

Yet another option would be to purchase items online at a place like Amazon, Target, or Walmart websites, and have them shipped to the mission at Light of Life Mission, 10 E. North Ave Pgh, PA 15212.

Yet another way to donate is through a crowdwise fundraising page set up by another blogger in the Pittsburgh Bloggers community.  The widget for the page is here:

The final thing you can do would be to spread the word to others about this need.  Share this info or blog post on Twitter, Facebook, or blog about it yourself.  If you share it on Twitter, please use the hashtag #givingskivvies

Please consider helping out with this worthy and wonderful cause.  One dollar would buy a pair of socks or underwear for a person in need. Use social media for the greater good.  Help us all be thankful for socks and underwear.