Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful for... giving gifts

Photo Courtesy of Andy Noren
We are a family of gift givers.  Sometimes we give gifts for no specific reason.  For example, yesterday, my mom gave me 3 sets of body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works, just because.  She knows I like that stuff, and that was reason enough.  We also love giving gifts for holidays.  Today, I did a lot of shopping online for Christmas, and cannot wait for the recipients' reactions when they open the gifts.  But beyond all this, my family has a history of giving gifts to people we do not know.  We have always gotten Christmas gifts for kids in need.  Two years ago, I filled my entire car  with toys with the help of my friends and family, and delivered my haul to the Stuff a Bus event in Pittsburgh.  So, yes, we like to give.

There are plenty of people in our communities who could use some cheer during the holiday season.  For example, an organization in Pittsburgh, Community Human Services, provides a variety of services to people in the community, with the purpose of strengthening health and well being.  Some of the services include homelessness assistance, mental health services, family services, and health related services.  This organization helps an under-served and often impoverished group of people, people who rarely get to experience a truly happy holiday.

Doesn't everyone deserve a little something special during the holidays?  I think so.  In an effort to help brighten the holidays for nearly 200 children and adults, Community Human Services (CHS) has a gift project organized.  They are seeking donations of gift cards and cash contributions to help provide small gifts for individuals and families who participate in the CHS programs.  One has the option of donating directly to the project on the organization's website.  Additionally, there is a large fundraising event scheduled at 6 pm on Thursday, November 29th, at Hough's, located at 563 Greenfield Avenue in Pittsburgh.  Admission to the event is a giftcard or cash donation to the CHS holiday project.  There will be drink specials, free cookies, and prize baskets for auction.

As you rush out to get those last minute Black Friday deals, and shop for Small Business Saturday, and click your online shopping carts for Cyber Monday, join me in being thankful for giving gifts.  And please consider helping provide a gift for someone else, giving them a truly happy holiday.

Post script! I have joined in the fundraising efforts over on CrowdRise! You can donate directly through my widget!