Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful for... mustaches

Not a big fan of the eye rock eyeliner tapes from my @birchbox. Too dramatic for my eyes, so I found another use.I am really blessed to have some fabulous men in my life.  Of course my main man is Hubby, but I am equally blessed to have my dad, brother, brothers in law, nephew, extended male family members, and many many truly wonderful male friends.  I love a lot of really great men.  And I want to have them in my life for many many years to come.

While women's health issues get a lot of spotlight in October, with breast cancer awareness and such (and rightly so), November is all about the men.  So much so that a fantastic event goes on each year called Movember.  This is where men pledge to not shave during November, and instead grow a flourishing mustache all in the name of charity.  The idea is that these mustaches will be conversation starters, to allow these men, and the women who support them, an opportunity to talk about the importance of men's health issues, specifically testicular and prostate cancers.

Several of my fantastic social media friends are participating in Movember, and to them, as well as all other participants, I say a great big hearty thank you.  I might not be able to sport a mustache without the help of makeup or markers, but I am fully able to support such a great cause and the men who undertake it.  Thank you for caring about yourself, as well as then men in my life.  Because, I love my men, and I want them to stay healthy.

So today, I am thankful for mustaches, and the men who are sporting them for such a worthy cause.  If you can, spread the word about Movember, and please consider donating.  A man's life may depend on it.