Saturday, April 13, 2013

35 Day Project: Adopt a Room

I first learned of the Light of Life Rescue Mission a few months ago, when the Pittsburgh Bloggers banded together for the Giving Skivvies campaign.  This campaign helped raise money for new socks and underwear that the Mission would hand out to the homeless.  Since then, I have followed them on Facebook, and always look for ways that I can help them.


A few days ago, I saw that April was "Adopt a Room" month at Light of Life.  They were accepting donations of paint and home decor items to help decorate the rooms, making them warm and comfortable for the people who would stay there.  I knew that this was something I could help with.  When we did the great living room change earlier this year, all my old home decor from our yellow and burgundy color scheme no longer would work.  I decided to hold on to it, for some reason, and now I knew why.  I was going to donate it to Light of Life.  So this morning, I boxed up several items and shipped them off.  Sadly, I did not get to send as much as I wanted, because I could not find a box that was the correct size and shape to accommodate some of the larger pictures.  Still, I hope that my donation helps in some small way.