Saturday, April 13, 2013

35 Day Project: Breakfast in Bed

Although he pretends to be some cranky old curmudgeon, the truth of the matter is, Hubby is a giant teddy bear, at least when it comes to me and our pets.  Sure, he may crank about politics, professional sports, and bad drivers, but who among us doesn't.  In all actuality, I think my Hubby is pretty awesome, even on his worst days.

But lately, he has been all extra kinds of awesome.  He continues to be the most caring, patient, and understanding man I have ever met in my life.  I thank God daily that he pushed through 2 1/2 years in the friendzone until I was ready to realize how much I loved him and actually date him.  The story of our romance is pretty incredible.

I try, on a daily basis, to tell Hubby thank you for the things he does, even something as small as refilling my water bottle.  But I wanted to do something extra special for him during this project, to make it very clear how much I appreciate him.  So, yesterday morning, I woke up super early, snuck out of the house in the pouring rain, and went to get Hubby's favorite breakfast sandwich, and a cup of hot cocoa.  I then snuck back into the house (no small feat with two dachshunds who think they are guard dogs), all before he woke up for work.  I then crept up the stairs, and got to wake Hubby up with breakfast in bed.


I loved seeing the look on his still sleepy face when he realized why I woke him up.

Thanks Hubby, for everything.