Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: The Cat's Meow

Long before we ever had dogs, or even had each other, I had my kitty cat.  I got my cat back in my single days, and she has slowly adjusted to life in a house, life with Hubby, and life with the dogs.  After all these years with her, I kind of forget the excitement of having a little kitten running around.


Luckily, I got a reminder over the weekend.  My sister's family got a new kitten named Shadow. My niece was so excited, she sent me all kinds of photos.  He does seem pretty darn adorable!  Everyone in their family adores him, even their dog, but I think he will probably be most attached to my niece.  I cannot wait for my next visit with the family so I can see him.

All this kitty talk the past few days got me to thinking.  I gush a lot about our dogs, because they are exuberant, and bursting with love and affection.  But our cat shows us just as much affection, in her own quiet, moody way.  She snuggles up to us, and even on occasion give us kisses.  And even though she pretends not to, she secretly loves the dogs too.  Whenever anything is wrong with one of them, she is greatly concerned.  It is pretty cute.

So, in honor of Shadow, and Nora, and cats everywhere, I present, this week, a playlist that totally is The Cat's Meow.