Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tiffany's Tuesday Tunes: Christmas Favorites

IMG_1969Well, it is finally here.  Christmas Eve.  The presents are wrapped, the stockings are hung, the halls are decked.  And I can sit back and enjoy the holiday.  Except for the cooking.  And cleaning up.  And then dealing with putting everything back in their respective places.  I guess maybe I will not have much time for relaxing after all!

What I will have time to do, however, is reflect on all the wonderful memories from Christmases in the past.  Sitting at my grandma's house with our huge family, waiting forever to open presents.  Hearing adults sing Polish carols.  Watching my mom make her famous potato salad.  Helping make Christmas cookies.  Tearing open my presents with glee, and saving my stocking for last so that Christmas could last just a tiny bit longer.

As I think back to all these memories, I realize that a very distinct soundtrack plays in my mind.  Songs that were played in our house since the first Christmas I can remember.  I have a very specific list of Christmas songs that are my favorite.  Sometimes it is just the song itself, sometimes it is a version by a specific artist, and sometimes it is just the artist in general that fills me with holiday glee.  So today, on Christmas Eve, my gift to you is a playlist full of my absolute favorite Christmas songs.  Each one is tied to memories of my childhood, and Christmas just is not complete without them.  My family will recognize all of these songs, and know the stories and memories behind them, but for the rest of you, listen and see if you can tie them to memories of your own.

Merriest of Christmases to you all.