Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It Made My Day- Peace Posse

This is yet another example of why I love living in a small town. I went to take the dog outside, and I saw a group of little girls, I think the same 3 from the other night, using a brightly colored box as some sort of vehicle further down our street.

They spotted me and the dog, and started to grin, so they moseyed over by my house. I asked them what that contraption was, a bus? They politely corrected me that it was their convertible. I asked them if it was ok if I took their picture, and they said sure. I ran inside to get my camera, and when I came back, I noticed their "car" had things written on it, so I asked what it said.

They informed me that it said Peace Posse. It also had the three little girls' names: Eva, Emily, and Amelia. One little girl asked if they would be getting paid for appearing in these pictures (how enterprising!) and the other girls gently chastised her.

Then they asked about the dog, and told me about their pets, and then, it was time for the Peace Posse to ride on. They tottered away, taking turns "driving", singing, na na na na na na Peace Posse.

I loved seeing these little girls being so creative. Once again, this is what childhood is all about.

Ride on Peace Posse, you made my day.