Saturday, July 3, 2010

There's nothing bigger in small towns everywhere than the county fair

It is officially summer!  July 4th weekend!  And what better way to celebrate than the COUNTY FAIR!

The county I live in does not have an official county fair, so we went to the neighboring Big Butler Fair.

We went early on opening day, so I am sure things will be crazy by now, but we had a blast.  We saw all the livestock, watched a wave of the Dock Dogs competition, went to the petting zoo, sampled and bought a bottle of local wine, ate something called Buffalo Chicken Nuts which were 5 kinds of fries with buffalo chicken, cheese sauce, and ranch dressing.  Hubby even got his picture taken with someone dressed as a shark!

We had a blast, but I was a little shocked at how expensive things were.  It was $20 a person for the rides, which we opted out of, and the concessions were really high too.  But all in all, it was a perfect way to spend a Friday!

I even found a song that sums up how awesome the fair is, so if you want, you can listen below!