Thursday, July 1, 2010

It Made My Day- Dinner Conversation

This morning, I went shopping to start getting supplies for a party we are throwing next month.  I went ahead and picked up some dinner options, since I did not get anything out to thaw this morning.  I bought several things, and then as I got in the car, decided on which one Hubby would probably like best tonight.  I decided to check with him via text before making my final choice, so that I left the appropriate food out, while putting the rest in the freezer.

Me (to Hubby via text): How do brats and pierogies sound for dinner?

Hubby (to me via text not 10 seconds later) "Hurry up. We're Hungry."

I about wrecked my car laughing when I read that.  He is SUCH a smart mouth, and I love it.

Thanks for making me laugh over our "dinner conversation" Hubby.  It made my day.