Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the Big City: Pittsburgh Power

Ever since Hubby learned that Pittsburgh would be getting an arena football team, he has been wanting to go.  He asked me several times if I would want to go.  I am pretty sure he expected me to say no, or complain about going, because I am not one terribly interested in football.  I mean, I am a Steelers fan, because that is sort of the law in Pittsburgh, but other than that, I am usually not too interested.  Despite my years as a cheerleader/marching band member/ dancer for junior and high school football games, I have never understood the rules of football all that well.  So no one was more surprised than me, except maybe Hubby, when I not only enthusiastically agreed to go to the game, but also had a heck of a good time.


Thanks to an offer from CBS local, we got lower tier seats at a huge bargain.  The seats were fantastic to say the least. We got there quite early, so we had time to watch the teams warm up. For those who are unaware, arena football is played on a field that is half the size of an NFL field. Hubby talked more about the rules and stuff over on his blog. Like I said, I still do not know the rules of football.

What I do know is that the Pittsburgh Power, as well as their dancers The Sparks, know how to put on a show. Starting with a powerful entrance.

The action was fast paced, in part due to the smaller field, and much more physical than I anticipated. And the teams were fired up, there were lots of altercations.

The crowd was encouraged to participate by being vocal and getting on their feet, which was cool, but the announcer was getting annoying by the end of the game. Also, I was frustrated with the poor quality of the sound system the officials used, you could not hear the calls at all. But that did not stop the crowd from getting really fired up.

While the Sparks dancers were talented, and attractive, I agreed with one of the other women in attendance at the game: Pittsburgh does not need cheerleaders. Our fans are all the entertainment we need. Frankly it reminded me of the "Hairography" episode of Glee.

Oh well, at least the ladies get a little eye candy too in the form of head coach Chris Siegfried. Ooooo la la.

While I did not totally understand what was going on during the game, Hubby did a great job of explaining it to me, and we did have a super fun time. This is a great affordable activity for families, and I can pretty much guarantee we will be going again.