Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to an Awesome Mom!

Since it is Mother's Day today, I thought I would honor my mom by telling a little story that displays how awesome she is.

Right around the time Hubby and I were getting married, out friend Jason met a really nice girl named Erin.  Over the months since then, Erin has become one of my closest friends, and her family all treats me so well.  Since my family is several hours away, it is so nice for me to have the wonderful friends that I have here in Kittanning.  I tell my mom all the time about my girls, and I know she is so happy that I have found such a wonderful circle of friends here.  Anyone who is good to one of her kids has an automatic "in" with my mom.

Erin and Jason are now getting married, and I tell my mom all the time about the wedding plans excitement.  She knew they got engaged in Paris, and she knew Erin's bridal shower was coming up.  So, when she called me several days ago and told me she had gotten Erin a gift, I was not at all surprised, because that is just how my mom is.  She saw something that would be perfect, and got it.  She shipped it to me, and I had Erin come by and get it.

You could hear the excitement in Erin's voice as she remarked "aw your mom got me a gift?  That is so sweet!".  She stopped over on her way home from work, and was excited to open the gift.

As soon as she started opening it, she let out an "awwwww".

My mom had gotten Erin a candle with the Eiffel Tower on it.  And it contained all of Erin's favorite colors, which are also her wedding colors.  It was perfect.

This just goes to show how thoughtful and loving my mom is, not only to her own children, but to everyone.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!