Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small Town Elements: Fall Festivals

Well, according to my calendar, it is officially Fall, even if the weather does not always feel like it, so to get into the spirit of things a bit, we spent some time this weekend at a local fall festival.  I saw signs advertising a "Pumpkin Festival" in Rural Valley, another nearby small town, so I talked Hubby into taking the dog and going for a bit.  Back where I grew up, we have a huge Pumpkin Festival in Barnesville, Ohio, and I miss it a lot, so this was a nice substitute on a smaller scale.

When we arrived, the day was gorgeous, and the festival was a little bigger than I expected, so I was pretty amped.  But when I saw this

well, that is when I knew magic was going to happen.  Because it is not everyday that you see a cow eating fried rice.

Basically, the festival was a lot of local organizations selling home made food, including pumpkin themed items like pies and rolls and cookies, as well as semi professional food vendors.  As I mentioned, we took Dexter with us, so when we spotted Todd's Weiner Wagon, it was a photo op we could not resist.

Todd was a great sport, and asked if he could hold Dex in the picture.  He said they own 2 doxies themselves.   After that, Hubby had no choice but to buy a hot dog from Todd, which he said was delicious.  I love small town folks, for reason like this!

There was a little picnic area where people could eat, right in the middle of the festival.  It was pretty well packed, and we were there fairly early.  I was glad the weather was so nice, had it been rainy, I doubt many people would have gone.

No local festival is complete without entertainment.  There was a stage set up with a band, but as we were passing by, they were getting ready for Pumpkin Idol.  Yes, that is right, Pumpkin Idol.  Hey, you could win money, and who doesn't like that?  I thought it was pretty cute, and had I been prepared, Dex and I may have sung Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog (complete with him in an Elvis costume).  No one would have been able to beat us!

The thing I was most excited about were the craft vendors.  Like any thirty something small town wife, I love to look at craft vendors, even if I am not going to buy a thing.  I do not tend to have a lot of knickknacks or things around the house, and do not decorate much, but I do love to look at the stuff, so I was checking out all the booths.

I did eventually get something for a friend, to help decorate her classroom a little.  I was impressed with a lot of the vendors there, no only for the quality of their work, but the really reasonable prices.

All in all, we had a great day, and I can not think of a better way to help officially usher in Fall!

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