Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out of Town: Garrett County Bear Trail

As I mentioned, we recently returned to Deep Creek for our friends' wedding.  However, it also served as a little mini holiday for us, so we spent some time just the two of us as well as with the wedding revelers.  We went with no real set plans, and stumbled upon the coolest thing ever.


Our first night there, at the Wisp, we saw this cool, brightly painted wooden bear.  We later came to find out, there was a whole trail of bears, 20 in all, throughout the county.  You got this passport, and each business sponsoring a bear would stamp your passport for you.  At the end, you had the passport verified and were entered to win some cool prizes.  Given that we just did a geotrail this summer, and we completed a search for the Erie frogs earlier this month, this was right up our alley.  Challenge accepted!
Picnik collage

We spent parts of the next two days finding the bears.  It was a little tricky being from out of town, we backtracked quite a bit.  But in the end we found all the bears.  We had one left to get, and we decided to hit it up on Sunday, after we checked out.  Much to our dismay, the business that fostered the bear was closed when we got there.

 I called the Discovery Center, who sponsored the Bear Trail, and the worker said if we brought her a picture, we would accept that.  So, in the end, we did finish the trail, and got to enter to win the prizes.

The coolest thing is that these bears will be auctioned off in November, and all proceeds go toward the creation of a Forest Canopy Walkway, which will be gorgeous.  I would love to buy one of these bears, and I think Hubby would too.  He really took a shine to a couple of them, Barnella Quiltbeary and Vinny V.


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